Cloud storage 13 seconds ——It’s just fine for catching the thief


Short video push for alarm
With the development of intelligent technology, users no longer need to waste data to check the real-time video from time to time, but device alarm usually only push one picture, occasionally because the picture is incomplete, the information is less or one-sided, so that they lost important alarm information.
Now JF cloud storage officially launched the human detection short video mobile push service, to achieve 3 seconds in advance pre-record and 10 seconds real-time video to reproduced the scene, to help users really experience real-time, efficient, useful alarm information.

Catch thief efficiently, how to achieve ? 
13 seconds video will tell you 

Human detection short video APP push

When the human appears in the monitoring, the device automatically detects and triggers the alarm. JF cloud storage will automatically generate a 13-second alarm short video (3 seconds pre-record and 10 seconds after), push to the user's mobile at the first time , restore the whole process of alarm events, to ensure that important information is not lost.
Real - time alarm, catch the current!
Record information before, during and after, without missing key information
JF cloud short video contains 3 seconds pre-record and 10 seconds after the video, compared with the alarm snapshot, can provide more comprehensive and effective alarm information, restore the actual situation before, during and after the alarm event, ensure that the important information is not lost, thoroughly solve the capture information incomplete, single information and other problems of the snapshot alarm.
The evidence is solid, the thief can't run away!

Advantages of cloud storage over local SD card storage
Cloud video
Video cloud storage, store the video of the device AI intelligent recognition of the scene, save key video. It can not be stolen or broken, history video can be viewed even though offline device.
Unlimited space
Cloud storage space unlimited, It can be unlimited storage alarm videos in package valid period, unlimited size.
Real-time alarm
AI intelligent cloud short video alarm, real-time push 13 seconds alarm short video, restore complete scene, real-time control.
Fast playback
AI smart recognition effective video recording, all the effective information in the day (the scene of the person appearing) is automatically pushed to the user's mobile phone in the form of short video, which greatly improves the efficiency of finding video.
Safe and reliable
Can not be steal, can not be broken , video encryption upload cloud end to save, safe and secure.

Cloud storage 13 seconds
It’s just fine for catching the thief!

How to Open the Alarm Short Video
Click on the "Cloud" icon in the device list interface of the APP (figure 1), enter the cloud service interface, click on the device to enter the cloud storage purchase interface, buy the required cloud storage package (figure 2), after the purchase of cloud storage package, open alarm short video APP push service by default.
Recommended APP
APP  “iCSee”
Applies to JF consumer, low-power products, APP for IOS will be lunched soon , and the latest Android APP is already support short video push
Search "iCSee" APP in the App Store to download and install . 
APP  “5GSee”
Suitable for JF 4G/5G series,the latest version for IOS and Android already support short video push

Search "SGSee" APP in the App Store to download and install . 

In order to better experience the latest cloud service, please follow the below steps to upgrade device firmware to the latest:
1. Press the "Settings " icon on the device list interface of APP
2. Press "About "

3. Press " Device upgrade" to upgrade the latest firmware .

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