New Product JFTECH 4MP Camera ​


JFTECH release the new 4MP camera which has a higher resolution and several features. Let’s have a look together!
High quality
The product shell technology is upgraded again, the waterproof rubber ring is hidden, the shell is much more beautiful, and the ingression protection can reach to IP67.
Quick start
The device can start quickly within 5 seconds which is comparable to Huawei LiteOS system.
AI WDR adds intelligent functions based on ordinary WDR. It uses a local darkening algorithm to automatically analyze and identify the monitoring area, making the dark areas brighter, making the bright areas softer and improving the visual effects to provide a useful identifiable image.
AI Defogging
Intelligent defogging technology : good fog permeability/ high color reproduction/ foggy weather identification, which can make the image transparent, clear, and enhance the details of the image to obtain good image quality and visual experience. User can enable the function automatically.
AI Face Anti-exposure
Recognize the brightness of the face automatically and collect the light quickly to prevent the face from being overexposed. Ensure that the faces in the picture can be clearly identified, which perfectly solves the problem of face overexposed in night vision.

AI audio
Intelligent audio 3A algorithm is using the underlying noise reduction technology, which can support far pickup distance and effectively reduce noise and echo, improved voice effect (only HR series machine support)
H.265 AI Code 
JFTECH adds artificial intelligence based on H.265 code, analyzes the video content, for the noise and other interference, the encoder won’t allocate bandwidth , it increases the weight of real target bandwidth allocation which makes the allocation of video bandwidth more reasonable and effectively reduces the bit stream.

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