Online Upgrade Function


Training  Online Upgrade Function:
1.If the device’s firmware is old, when the device is powered on, the upgrade page is like below shows :
If your device has already connected to network/Or you can click the [Command] button manually, the button and the text will be changed like below shows (That means when the device connects to cloud successfully, when it is powered on, it will detect if there is new firmware in the cloud server)

And there will be [Upgrade]button&prompt text in the version page .

Click [Upgrade ]button,the device will start to upgrade the new firmwre,please do not power off &off network in the upgrade process
If the device didn’t connect to network,it won’t show the above two page,online upgrade fiunction only can work in the 
2.If you tick the ”Tips Latest Updates” option before and your device has already connected to network
When the device is powered on , after 1min,it will prompt there is new version firmware

3. “Automatic Upgrade Critial Updates” option is checked by default for special cases, such as in case of a major accident, the device networking state will force the upgrade of the server on the special version (important version) of the firmware program, usually in the early morning when the device restart will upgrade (automatic maintenance function restart or other restart).

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