Human Detect Function


raining     Human Detect Function

ADVR Requirements:8000 Series GS/GL/LME
Camera Requirements:XM Chip, Only supports XVI mode

Human detect is our new algorithm. It has different motion detect, Triggering human detect when human appears in the screen. Effectively record human events.
The icon will appear at the channel screen bottom left when human being detected. at the same time, start configuration options.
Camera installation instruction:
1. The shoulder width of the humanoid target should be more than 1/10 of the screen width in the monitoring picture, and the appearance time should be more than 3 seconds. The camera should face the open scene and avoid blocking as much as possible. 
2. The humanoid target needs to appear human body and head in the picture, and it is easy to distinguish the movement path of pedestrian. Specifically, the camera Angle of view is the overlooking Angle, the camera installation height is 2-3.5 meters, and the camera's Central Line of sight is 0-30 degrees from the horizontal Angle.
3. Clear humanoid target in the infrared state at night

Function configuration:
This function is in [Main Menu]-[Event]-[Human Detect], the interface is as follows.
『Channel』:Human Detect configuration for different channels.
『Wander Time』:Detecting human’s wander time, human wander to the set time will trigger the function.
『Period』:Support sub time Human Detect, Support for a day setting in week, a day can be divided into four parts. This function will be opened in the time period set.
『MD Interval』:Interval time between two alarms
『AlarmOut』:Alarm output when an alarm occurs
『OutDelay』:Alarm output delay. Alarm output according to the set time delay
『Record Channel』:Channel for enabling record when an alarm occurs
『Tour』:Tour when an alarm occurs
『Snapshot』:Snapshot when an alarm occurs
『PTZ Activation』:Use the PTZ function when an alarm occurs
『PostRec』:Record delay. Recording according to the set time delay
『Show Message』:Pop-up dialog box when an alarm occurs, the interface is as follows.
『Send Email』:Send Email when an alarm occurs
『Buzzer』:Buzzer when an alarm occurs
『Write Log』:Write Log when an alarm occurs
『FTP upload』:FTP Upload when an alarm occurs
『Mobile reported』:Mobile reported when an alarm occurs

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