Product Upgrade -- Face infrared anti-overexposure technology


In the night, Ordinary infrared lamps are prone to face overexposure, which seriously affects the monitoring effect.

JUFENG’s face anti-overexposure technology has successfully solved this problem.
What is the face infrared anti-overexposure technology
The camera can automatically recognize the image of the person and white balance the image when it is turned on in the infrared, and adjust it to a soft state, which can clearly see the face and reduce the whitening phenomenon of the face. Monitor performance.
                        Disable                                      Enable                           
Jufeng products equipped with standard infrared anti-overexposure technology. In addition, more advantages as follows.

1. Support H.265+ intelligent code
With high compatibility, low bit rate, low bandwidth, high definition picture quality and low storage capacity.

2. Built-in MIC
Using low-level noise reduction technology, high-fidelity non-destructive pickup, multi-level array microphone, in an open environment, indoor pickup can be 10 meters, outdoor up to 5 meters, eliminating the need for peripherals such as pickups. Reduce costs, reduce audio,  install it directly!

3. Multi-channel synchronization and simultaneous transmission
High connectivity, using MD5 + proprietary algorithm, double encryption makes more secure.

4. Support POE power supply
Lower construction cost, lower maintenance cost, environmental protection and energy saving, with fewer failures. Also, it supports dual power supply mode, stable power supply, the transmission distance up to 250 meters.
Rich application scenarios

Suit for identifying places where facial features of surveillance objects are identified at night, such as residential areas, property management, hotels, institutions, schools, parking lots, etc.

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