What is GDPR?

GDPR means the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016, used to replace the "Data Protection Directive" promulgated in 1995,this regulation is the biggest change in data protection legislation in the past 30 years. It aims to strengthen the protection of personal data and privacy of residents in the European Union.Besides,it will also simplify the regulatory framework for multinationals through harmonized data and privacy regulations,it also imposes severe penalties for violations,any type of violation of GDPR can be punished, including purely procedural violations,the fines range from 10 million to 20 million euros,or 2 to 4 percent of global annual turnover.The regulation will take effect on May 25, 2018.

GDPR,scope of application.

1. All companies selling products or services in the EU

2. All companies that save and process EU citizen data

3. It has nothing to do with whether the company is in the EU

Namely, GDPR applies globally, wherever the enterprise is, as long as it processes individual data within the EU within the process of providing a product or service.

GDPR , JF TECH always on the way.

The JF TECH is the world's leading video surveillance product and solution provider. The European Union is one of the overseas strategic markets of JF TECH, which provides products and services to the EU region.JF TECH adapts GDPR laws and regulations zealously, protecting personal privacy and data security and ensuring the legitimacy of the personal data, the principle of fairness, transparency and so on, improving equipment, systems and services of personal data security construction gradually, and related GDPR requirement of company system.

The company actively introduces the global authoritative institutions of the three parties, deeply dissect the requirements of GDPR regulations on products, services and company system, and quickly responds to optimization, such as:

  1. Follow the principle of data transparency, data acquisition and use are carried out with the consent of the user. For example, when the APP accesses the device to obtain some necessary information, it reminds the user to pop up the relevant information and obtain the information when the user knows and agrees.

  2. Enhance the security of optimized data transmission, use RSA/AES and other high-strength encryption to ensure the security and reliability of data, and improve the resistance to hacker attacks.

  3. Data is fully encrypted. Both the device and server are fully encrypted (for example, HTTPS) to ensure the security of user privacy information and effectively prevent personal information such as user names and passwords from being stolen and modified.

  1. Strengthen the security testing of the equipment system and cloud service system, simulate the vulnerability attack, and optimize and improve the system in time to improve the system security and prevent data leakage.

  2. Apply Data Protection Officer (DPO), the company will enable a data protection officer based on its own situation to ensure PII security.

  3. Establish an event response mechanism, and set up a special response team. Once the data leakage accident occurs, the response will be processed within 72 hours.

  4. Establish a continuous assessment process. In order to ensure compliance, internal monitoring and improvement will be conducted internally. Regular testing, evaluation and evaluation of technical and management measures are effective and comply with regulatory requirements.

   Focusing on safety, protecting the rights and data of natural persons and making data safer, JF TECH will continue to pay attention to GDPR laws and regulations, continue to enhance and improve related measures so that JF TECH products will meet GDPR better and provide more safer products.

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