First show of All-in-One technology on International arena – Generally popular


All-in-One technology which is self-developed by XM is used in AHD camera and IP camera production, which causes attention in Security industry.

All-in-One technology, sensor、ICR、lens to be one, finished products with the technology, noise of picture will be weaker, more clearer; promote the radiate ability, better stability, longer working life; also it solves the problems as smudge, mis-focus( to wipeout the unreliable factor and avoid sensor becoming smudged.); shorter production time, fast delivery.

The All-in-One technology is facing a challenge: ISC West 2016.

 ISC West 2016 is sponsored by the world’s largest exhibition company: ReedExpo America, supported by SIA AND CAA, it is held in Spring at Las Vegas which located in west of America, accepted in Security Industry as the largest exhibition in whole America.

(Exhibition Hall:Las Vegas)

Jufeng Booth, AHD camera and IP camera with advanced technology and multiple series.

Many foreign friends are interested in it, they are full of curiosity and confirm about All-in-One technology.

The All-in-One technology has won the recognition of global security area with first step in the world, it must be popular in future.

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